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We just finished, but I have to tell you what happened. My wife Tracey and I have a couple of our neighbors 3Sums with C, but we have not seen, not an allocation of at least 6 months. Tonight was the 13th in about 00 called and said he was on the train from London and could get a drink to pass our house, I said no problem. Tracey is 46, with a perfect figure and very sexy. Tonight she wore a skirt and blouse with bat9 pantyhose, which bat9 is unusual for her, as it usually is a woman of means, or at least keep up! Rang -C, and we sat and talked for a while until the kids went to bed. He had come to talk, sometimes we had before, and enjoyed the great sessions, but Tracey was not interested in playing ball tonight. Anyway, we said, C in a meeting we had with a guy in Cambridge that he and Tracey in the back of my car ( I'll post this in a few days) was gone. C was very upset about this and began to jerk away, but he minimized and spoke ottheir stuff. CN could not meet our quit smoking but the head and asked us to show how the Gly Tracey had licked at the back of the car I drove, I found that, despite longer mean Tracey and bat9 dresses. C was very worked obviosly a second Asling Tracey remained to see the nipples, bat9 but said nothing and then changed the subject, Nature calls, and I needed a small, but thought I would take my time and see what happens is and was not disappointed ! I returned to the room Tracey was leaning over C and let suck your nipples when he opened her blouse and bra to expose her breasts opened. She started with her, and he reached under her skirt to finger her pussy, but he had in his socks ! To my great surprise, I said, I will lose my socks and went to the bathroom. When he returned, he went sraight to her and opened her legs for C, to push his hand. He did so, and spushed her thong to one side while he was touching her pussywhile sucking on her nipples. Tracey lifted his leg on the chair which makes access more, and then he started sucking her clit and shoved three fingers into her pussy. It was a show so hot and she started to cum and IRT was a real water jet ! They soaked up the sleeve of his shirt with her juices Now was his turnand she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock into her mouth. She sucked professional and I could see the shape of his penis through his cheeks as he sucked and soon he said he was running. Tracey kept him in the mouth bat9 until the last second and then masturbated in tissue cum The next meeting, if C and Tracey a business lunch and I'm bat9 sure it will play under the table and then maybe ANF ​​time I will choose to play together in the car on the way home !
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